Villa Cri Cri B&B de Charme is an innovative B&B: it respects many requirements relating to environmental sustainability, re-use of ancient materials, ENVIRONMENTAL rules for CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY and KM 0 organic food.

An environmental-sustainable tourism is the leading line in Pietro & Angelica business. They strongly believe it will be the future. SEVEN ROOMS, the B&B they opened three years ago, is the first Hotel B&B ECO-CERTIFIED in Marche.

Villa Cri Cri B&B de Charme was built according to old construction traditions, using ancient materials and in the respect of nature and people (original and recycled bricks have been used; the floor in the rooms and breakfast hall dates back to the beginning of XIX Century; the plaster is made of natural, hand-kneaded lime; the paint used is organic and nontoxic).

Such innovative structure is completely energy independent: a 20 kw photovoltaic system fulfills all energy requirements. 100% clean energy.

Pietro & Angelica have had the fortune to start their B&B in a wonderful country surrounding (but close to the city) and they could take advantage of many gifts the nature gave to them: they discovered an underground water vein and wanted to use it. In a complex system of pumps, water has been conveyed into each room toilet drain. In this way, they found the way not to waste public water.

Finally, the other passion of the young business couple is organic food. In Villa Cri Cri B&B de Charme, breakfast is made of ORGANIC products (milk, coffee, infusions, tea, fruit juices, jams, etc.). Season fruits is coming from the orchard surrounding the B&B (guests can freely pick fruits from the trees). Cakes are homemade and they come from Angelica’s gentle hands.

Guests’ pshycho-phisical well being is a serious and real responsibility which has to be safeguarded from the beginning until the end of the stay.

We strongly believe this!