Comfortable and Quiet

In this section we are pleased to introduce you to the rooms of Villa Cri Cri B&B di Charme. Each of them will provide a sense of well-being and happiness, not only due to the quality of materials and interior furnishings but also because of their brightness from the large french doors.
Additionally, you’ll enjoy a splendid view while comfortably seated in your private sitting area or even lying in bed. All rooms are equipped with state of the art MEMORY mattresses and pillows, created in full compliance with European ECOLOGICAL standards.

18 mq. | 2 - 3 guest | breakfast included

16 mq. | 1 - 2 guest | breakfast included

16 mq. | 1 - 2 guests | breakfast included

23 mq. | 1 - 2 guests | breakfast included

30 mq. | 2-4 guests | breakfast included

24 mq. | 2 - 4 guest | breakfast included


What you will find

Memory Mattress and Pillows
Private outdoor area
Location surrounded by greenery
Bathrooms with main amenities
Organic Breakfast
Cozy common areas

To book

Visit the dedicated page for all information regarding booking procedures, terms and conditions and to find out how to reach us
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